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Rabies Vaccines and Microchipping 

Clinic Hours of Operation

  • Monday from 1:30 to 5PM
  • Tuesday - Saturday from 10AM to 5PM (Clinic staff breaks for lunch from 12:30-1:30pm)
  • Sunday - Clinic Closed
  • Walk-in - no appointment necessary! Clients are seen on a first come - first served basis.
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Pet Identification and Microchipping

Microchips provide an extra layer of protection. Our shelter offers both microchips and pet ID tags. Visible pet ID tags are the best way to get your pet back if they are ever lost.

Microchipping is offered Monday - Saturday between the hours of 10AM and 5PM. (Closed on Sunday) No appointment necessary.

The cost to microchip your pet is $20.00. We offer HomeAgain Microchips which are registered with HomeAgain's Pet Recovery System.

Please call (561) 472-8812, (561) 686-3663 or email us for more information.

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Identifying Lost Pets

Rabies Vaccinations
Palm Beach County Puppy Tests Positive for Rabies

There has been a confirmed case of rabies in West Palm Beach/Palm Beach County. Rabies is a deadly virus in which there is no cure and is almost always fatal. The best way to protect yourself and your pet is to make certain that your pet is current on its rabies vaccination. The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League now offers affordable vaccinations Monday - Saturday between the hours of 10:00am – 5:00pm. (Closed on Sunday) The cost for a rabies vaccine is $10.00 but there are also complete and affordable vaccine packages for just $45-$55. If you need a rabies vaccine or a complete package, please bring your dog or cat to us today!

Additional precautions to keep your pet safe:

  • Steer clear of wildlife as they are the primary carriers of rabies.
  • Keep your pet’s vaccines up-to-date.
  • Only feed your pet indoors or take up food after they have finished eating outside. This will deter wildlife from coming around to feed.
  • If you see an animal that appears sick or aggressive, please stay away and contact the Palm Beach Animal Care & Control Department at (561) 233-1200
  • If you notice any of these symptoms (lethargy, aggression, excessive salivation, paralysis) with your own pet, please call your veterinarian immediately.

The cost for the vaccine is $10.00, or for senior citizens 70+ the cost is $5.00. If your pet has a record of being vaccinated for rabies in the prior year then we offer a three year vaccine. Please bring a copy of the record with you.

If your pet has no prior history of vaccination a one year vaccination is provided and in subsequent years the pet can then receive a three year vaccination.

Palm Beach County Rabies Licenses are also available for purchase. The cost for a sterilized pet tag is $20.00 and an unsterilized pet is $80.00. Senior Citizen tags (70+) are $15.00.

If your pet needs to be sterilized, please visit our affordable spay and neuter clinic. By sterilizing your pet you help reduce the pet overpopulation problem in our community and help end euthanasia!

Please schedule your pet for surgery today!

Questions? Please email us for more information or call 561-686-3663.

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What is Rabies? 


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