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Giving Up A Companion Animal

The decision to give up a companion animal is a difficult one. Please take time to consider all other options before surrendering your pet.

If the problem is related to your pet's behavior we may be able to help you correct the problem. Click here to contact our Behaviorist.
Medical Care?
If the problem is health related, is it something that your veterinarian can help you with? Click here to ask us.
Have you talked to your doctor about steps you can take to control your allergies?
No Time?
If you are concerned that you simply don't have enough time to spend with your pet could you hire a pet sitter or dog walker or use doggie day care?
Entering a different living situation?
Please remember that there are many different communities that allow pets all over the state. Try a community locator service, such as, to find a new home for both you and your pet.

If you still feel that you can't keep your pet, please reach out to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors for help finding a new home before surrendering your pet to a shelter.

Please Consider...
If your pet has a chronic health problem or one or more serious behavior issues, is it realistic to expect that another person will be more willing or able to deal with these problems?
Surrendering an Animal Information
We understand that it is sometimes necessary to relinquish a pet. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League accepts cats, kittens, dogs and puppies based on space available. Since we keep animals as long as it takes to find them a loving home, we can only accept as many animals as we can humanely house and care for. We are not able to care for exotic pets, livestock, reptiles or wild animals. All pets are tested for communicable diseases, other serious health problems, and evaluated for suitable temperament prior to adoption.

Click here to learn more about surrendering a pet and completing and online request.

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet
We understand the grief that comes when it’s time to put your pet to sleep. Through compassion and the utmost respect for your pet, we can help you through this difficult time. Please refer to our Grief and Loss page for more information on grief counseling.

We offer euthanasia and cremation services , there is a fee for these services. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call customer service 561-686-3663.

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