Dolly’s Dream

Dolly’s Dream is a project to encourage the adoption of our “Square Heads,” or some may call “Pit Bulls” or “bully breeds,” and to help counter the unfortunate stereotypes and myths that some people still believe about these dogs.

To learn more, visit our Dolly’s Dream page.

Dolly's Dream Adoption Program



A Fospice Parent provides permanent fostering of older animals, long-term animals, and animals with medical or behavioral conditions which would preclude them from being placed in a loving home through the adoption program. All Fospice animals will receive routine medical care, medication, food and other supplies as needed.

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Fospice Program Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Meet Your Match

Meet Your Match™ is a research-based adoptions program of the ASPCA designed to increase the likelihood that shelter dogs and cats will bond with their adopters. The program evaluates an animal’s behavior and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences so that they take home a pet they can really click with.

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Meet Your Match Program Peggy Adams


Pets for Patriots

We are proud to be a part of the Pets for Patriots program. In an effort to improve the well-being of service personnel through companion pet adoption, this unique program offers special discounts and a one-time monetary gift to enrolled United States veterans who adopt a qualifying animal. This program not only gives us a chance to salute our veterans, but also helps us find loving homes for our hard-to-place animals. Individuals are welcome from all United States armed forces and at any stage of their careers.

To enroll in the program, or for more information, please visit the Pets for Patriots website.

Pets for Patriots


Senior to Senior

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League encourages senior citizens to participate in our Senior to Senior adoption program. The program places senior cats and dogs (five years and older) with senior citizens who are 55 years of age or older. Research shows that having a pet helps people lead healthier lives, and the benefits are many: companionship, lowered blood pressure, stress relief, sense of purpose and responsibility, and the list goes on. We think pets are so important to keeping our seniors healthy and happy, we’ll pick up the tab!

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Senior to Senior

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