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Dolly’s Dream

Dolly’s Dream is a project to encourage the adoption of our “Square Heads,” or some may call “Pit Bulls” or “bully breeds,” and to help counter the unfortunate stereotypes and myths that some people still believe about these dogs.

The Dolly’s Dream Project sponsors two great dogs available for adoption at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. When these two dogs are adopted, the adopters will receive a waived adoption fee, free ID tag and County tag, collar, harness, leash, training crate, toys, training treat bag, food and water bowls, and seven months of pet insurance.

To learn more, visit our Dolly’s Dream page.


Dolly's Dream Adoption Program



Grey Whisker With Benefits

Save a Senior! Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League encourages the adoption of our senior pets through our Grey Whisker Club adoption program. Research shows that having a pet helps people lead healthier lives, and the benefits are many: companionship, lowered blood pressure, stress relief, sense of purpose and responsibility, and the list goes on. We think pets are so important to keeping our community healthy and happy, we’ll even pick up the tab on the adoption fee and ID tag, as well as yearly wellness exams, monthly flea and heartworm preventatives, and annual vaccinations. Senior pets make the best pets! A $20 rabies tag fee does apply to Palm Beach County residents.

There are countless reasons to adopt an adult or senior pet but here are just a few:

Grey Whisker Club

We don’t need constant attention or training like a puppy or kitten:

We are almost always housetrained so no pee or poop accidents in the house. And try telling a puppy to hold it until the morning. Forget about it! And if you want to teach us new tricks, we have much longer attention spans which means we’ll learn much faster.


When it comes to personality – what you see is what you get:

Our personality is already developed so you’ll be able to spot the characteristics you're looking for and not be surprised by some new, annoying behavior that pops up next year.


You will get an instant friend for life:

We love deeply. We are usually incredibly affectionate and loyal. When you open your heart and home to us, we really do show our appreciation for the rest of our lives.



- Lots of other FREE benefits:

When you adopt one of us, Peggy Adams will:

  • Waive our adoption fee (zero, zilch, nada!)

  • Give us a free ID tag and


- Provided for FREE:

  • A yearly wellness exam

  • Monthly flea and heartworm preventatives

  • Annual vaccinations

  •  Lifetime support for any current medical ailments

- Additional Information:

  • Depending on the animal, Palm Beach County may require a $20 rabies tag fee.


And lastly… You are truly saving a life:

We know how it works. Even with all of the benefits we bring, we see puppies and kittens get adopted lickety-split each day while we can wait weeks, even months for our new, loving humans to choose us. But when you adopt one of us, you become our savior. And we will love you forever!

Meet the Grey Whisker Club members!



Pets for Heroes

Pets for Heroes is a program which honors those who are currently serving or have served in the United States military an opportunity to adopt any dog or cat at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League with no cost. All adoption fees are waived and all new pet parents receive complimentary benefits including a training crate or carrier, litter box, scratching post, collar/harness, leash, enrichment toy, water and food bowls, Hill’s Pet Nutrition starter bag of food, 30-days of pet insurance and an ID tag.  Our nation’s heroes will also receive for their newly adopted pet, free yearly veterinarian exams at the League, free training classes, and access to Behavior Helpline for life of the pet. They also will receive a 20 % lifetime discount on heartworm testing, heartworm/flea/tick preventatives, wellness services and a 20 % lifetime discount in the Shaggy Shop boutique located at Peggy Adams.  *A $20 rabies tag fee does apply to Palm Beach County residents.

Military personnel currently active, retired, or inactive must present a current form of military identification. 

View all our Adoptable Animals.


Pets for Patriots



Good Dog Training Program

The Good Dog Training Program was designed to help harder to adopt dogs find their forever homes.  These dogs are wonderful dogs. They’re playful, sweet, and affectionate…  Their problem?  The way they look.  Dogs in the Good Dog Training Program are usually 50 pounds or over and have the appearance of a bully type breed —which some people may find intimidating.

We’re here to change that perception! With our new Good Dog Training Program, these dogs complete some of the most hands-on training out of all the dogs at Peggy Adams. Six to eight dogs are put through a rigorous but fun 6 week training course ending with a certification exam to show off their new-found skills. 

View all our Adoptable Animals.



Good Dog Training Program



Working Cat Program 

Have a job that needs to be done? We have just the cat for you.

Every animal that enters Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s doors is an individual, and with that in mind, Peggy Adams works to find the best living situation for each. Though we would love to see every cat live 100% of the time inside a home, we occasionally receive cats that would prefer an indoor-outdoor living situation.

The Working Cat Program was created for these cats because they, too, deserve the type of home that best suits their lifestyle.

Why adopt a working cat?

  • They are fun and full of personality
  • They serve as excellent critter control. (though they may not be particularly skilled hunters, studies have shown that just the smell of a cat on your property can keep mice away
  • They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped
  • Adoption fees are always waived for working cats
  • Most importantly, adopting a working cat saves a life!

Visit our Working Cat page for program perks and details!


working cat program


Foster Care Program

A foster parent provides a temporary home for an animal (or multiple animals) until they are ready for adoption or until they are adopted. Foster parents are incredibly important because they typically care for animals that would benefit from not being in the shelter, including kittens and puppies too young for adoption and animals with a medical or behavioral condition that is best addressed in a home setting. Foster parents help Peggy Adams save more animals by freeing up space at the shelter to help other animals in need.

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