School and Homeschool Programs

School and Homeschool Programs at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


The Education Program at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League offers a variety of unique programs designed for school and homeschool students to engage their minds while learning more about shelter animals! These hands-on workshops benefit the participants as well as the animals in our care!


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Mind & Body: Enrichment Workshop (Dog-themed or Cat-themed)

Conducted on campus or virtually

At Peggy Adams, we have a very important job --we take care of dogs and cats that are looking for forever homes. While they are in our care, we need to keep them busy...

What we mean by “busy” is giving them daily opportunities to use their minds and use their bodies. We call that enrichment.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will help create special enrichment items with staff from Peggy Adams, then have the opportunity to observe these items in use.

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Customized Programs

Looking to explore programming with education? Would you like to request a specialized program? Fill out our contact form and our team will be in touch for details!

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